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Chcete být milionářem II

A complete adaptation of the world-famous and popular TV quiz show “Who want’s to be a millionaire” for a single player. The game is available only in the Czech language.

First you have to make it through the “Fastest finger first” phase while quickly answering a simple question. Then you advance to the final, where you can expect 15 questions for 1000 up to 10 000 000 CZK. The more money, the tougher the questions get, of course.

When in trouble, you can use three hints. You can be saved by two checkpoints if you answer questions for 10 000 CZK and 320 000 CZK. No one can take this money from you.

The game is written in TURBO BASIC XL.

System Requirements

Atari XL/XE with 64 KB of RAM, disk drive or a replacement device.


Disk image: Chcete být milionářem II (2016)(Postava, Petr)(CZ).atr