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Atari 8-bit

One cannot deny his humble IT beginnings. The Atari 130XE was the very first computer I had access to. In a way, that particular machine pointed me in the (right) direction of IT and computer science.

Here, you can find my solo or group creations either for the Atari 8-bit computers, or closely related PC utilities.
My areas of interest are: 1. Storing data on cassettes, 2. Programming using the CC65 toolkit.


TURGEN is the main application of a small ecosystem of powerful tools and utilities that allow you to create your own tapes with software for 8-bit Atari computers. This is my primary spare-time project for practicing programming, especially in the Java programming language.

BAHA Software

Review productions of now-defunct software group, collaborative efforts of BAKTRA Software and HardCore.

Lost Miner Games

Simple platformers for 8-bit Atari computers created using the CC65 toolkit.

Turbo 2000

Information on usage of the Turbo 2000 system in the 21st century. In Czech.


A tool for dumping .ATR disk images. Heavily inspired by the IBM DSN1PRNT utility.


mmSAP s SAP (Slight Atari player) player based on ASAP library that uses SDL2 for audio output and has GTK 3 based GUI.