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Lost Miner Games


Two games for Atari 8-bit computers written in the C programming language.

Both Caverns of the Lost Miner and later Curse of the Lost Miner are simple platform games for Atari 800XL and compatible computers and also for the Atari 5200 console. Your goal is to guide the lost miner through dangerous caves and collect all diamonds in each cave.

If you are a quick thinking person with nimble and practiced fingers, the Lost Miner games are suitable for you. The key to successful playing is mastering the controls and understanding the game physics. Use joystick to control the miner. The Curse of the Lost Miner game provides a training mode with full description of the controls and a simple training cave. Never underestimate difficulty of these game and get some training first.

Caverns of the Lost Miner

The Caverns of the Lost Miner was written in 2007 merely as a proof of concept. The intention was to show that a fully-featured game with sound and graphics can be developed with the CC65 toolkit.

Curse of the Lost Miner

The Curse of the Lost Miner game is a slightly more advanced sequel written in 2015. The game is available in two editions. There is the original edition, where your mission is to play the game from the first cave to the last cave. In the Underground Madness Challenge edition, you play to get the highest score. This edition has a scoring system and 27 caves to play (a remix of existing caves). To maximize your score, you must complete the caves quickly and within a time limit, leave intact as many broken rocks as possible, and avoid losing lives. After completing each cave, a screen that displays your score is shown. Every remaining second, every remaining broken rock, and every remaining life matter.


GameAtari 8-bit Atari 5200
Caverns of the Lost Minercalomin.xexcalomin.bin
Curse of the Lost Miner, original editionculomin.xexculomin.bin
Curse of the Lost Miner, U.M.Cculomin_umc.xexculomin_umc.bin

Source Code

The source code is available for educational purposes. It clearly shows how to use the LD65 linker to include artwork in the game. Curse of the Lost Miner (github.com)