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Train is a free-form conversion of Czech freeware game Vlak (1993) from PC to 8-bit Atari computers. Idea, all artwork and level design by HardCore, code by Baktra.

You assume role of a cargo train driver, and your mission is to load all items on screen. For every item loaded, the train is elongated by one carriage. You must not collide with any obstacle or with your own train. After loading of all items, a gate that allows you to go to the next screen is opened. The goal of the game is to finish all 50 screens and maximize your score. The game is suitable for both casual and experienced players. The difficulty of the screens increases. In the later stages of the game, it is recommended to plan a safe route before moving the locomotive.

You begin the game with three lives. For every item loaded, you get 10 points. After finishing a screen, you will get 200 points for every remaining life. If you lose a life, you lose 300 points. A new life is awarded for every 5000 points. The game ends after losing all lives. A new game can be started from any screen that has been reached already.

The following versions of the game are available:

  • Original version
  • Remastered version (using Train 2 engine with background music)
  • Special version with keyboard controls

The game is written in the C language with assembler subroutines.

System Requirements

8-bit Atari computer with 48 KB of RAM, joystick. Stereo is supported, but not required.


Binary load files:

Tape image:

Remastered version:


This game has two continuations, Train 2 and Train 3. Download the whole trilogy as one disk image: train.atr