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Spear of Destiny – DUNKELBURG


Map set for the Spear of Destiny game

With the Spear of destiny in allied hands, even after many defeats on both battlefronts, the German military still fights back fiercely. A powerful, silver copy of the spear is hidden in a massive complex below dark, gloomy castle named Dunkelburg. Your mission is to capture the silver copy and escape the castle alive…

The map set is a direct continuation of the Red Sunrise map set. Dunkelburg is mostly using the original graphics, so it is best suited for players who like the original game.

The first version of this map set was released in 2005 at the Wolfenstein 3D Dome, where it is still available.
In 2022, I am offering you an enhanced and heavily refined SDL version.


  • Mostly large maps with elaborate layouts and decorations offering an incredible challenge and experience
  • New, more natural door sounds
  • Some new enemy and weapon sounds
  • A few subtle changes in graphics
  • Subtle modifications of the engine


A complete package: dunkelburg_sdl.zip