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Wolfenstein 3D – Red Sunrise

Map set for the Wolfenstein 3d game

Accomplish 6 missions to help the Red army to fight again against Germany. The map set features 60 new levels, most of which are very large in size. Some levels are slightly smaller than others, and some are sparsely decorated while others are more detailed. Levels of the three first episodes are simplistic, while the three remaining episodes use more elaborate level design schemes and decorations. The set features a particularly grueling boss level on Episode 6.

This is my very first mod that I decided to create when I discovered the very existence of MAPEDIT around 2004 when I was 20. For me, being a passionate player of Wolf3D and SoD since 1996, opportunity to create maps was like a living my dream. The first two episodes reflect the fact that I was an inexperienced mapper, so the maps somehow lack polish or consistency, but I love them most. Since E2L8, the maps are much better. I consider the following maps to be the best: E1L2, E2L4, E2L8, E3L2, E3L4, E4L5, E4L8, E5L1, E5L6, E6L6, E6L7.

The map set is using the original graphics, so it is best suited for players who like the original game.

The first version of this map set was released in 2005 at the Wolfenstein 3D Dome, where it is still available. In 2022, I am offering you an SDL version, which is using the modern Wolf4SDL engine and has the maps very subtly refined to implement better mapping and improved object placement practices.

Download: w3d_red_sunrise_sdl.zip