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Train 3 is third and the last continuation of the Train game. To conclude this amazing game series, we entered the ABBUC Software Contest 2019 and won the 4th place.

You can play 25 brand new scenes while listening to new tunes. The engine got minor enhancements. As we are very proud on the success of the game, we decided to release a special dual-track tape version.

The game is written in the C language with assembler subroutines. All artwork and level design by HardCore, code by Baktra.

System Requirements

8-bit Atari computer with 48 KB of RAM, joystick. Stereo is supported, but not required.


Open Source Edition (OSE)

The source code of TRAIN 3 OSE is available at github: https://github.com/baktragh/train3ose


This game has two predecesors, Train 1 and Train 2. Download the whole trilogy as one disk image: train.atr