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TRAIN for Atari 5200

Port of the Train 1, 2 and 3 games to the Atari 5200 console.

You are a cargo train driver and your mission is to load all cargo on screen. For every piece of cargo loaded, your train is elongated by one carriage. You must not collide with any obstacle or with your own train. After loading of all items, a gate that allows you to go to the next screen is opened. The goal of the game is to finish all screens and maximize your score. The difficulty of the screens increases. In the later stages of the game, it is recommended to plan a safe route before starting your locomotive.

The game was released in 2020, however, with a bug that prevented playing the game. Since May 2023, you can download fixed versions 1.1, 1.2. Since January 2024, version 1.3 which ensures compatibility with the 2-port model of the console, is available.

System Requirements

Atari 5200 console, original or compatible joystick.

Differences from Version for 8-bit Atari Computers

In order to fit the game to a 32-KB cartridge, the in-game music has been removed, and all other tunes were shortened and simplified. All three games have different title screens, different status bar colors and different crash reports. All games are powered by one unified engine written in CC65. Version 1.2 allows configurable joystick „dead zone“.